Tineke van Geel - Teacher

In 1977 Tineke van Geel received her degree as folk dance instructor. She specializes in Armenian dance and works as a choreographer. Tineke conducts workshops for students at various levels, beginners to professional, and has taught classes in international folk dance, Dutch and Armenian dances in many countries around the world. Her main focus is to break down complicated steps and movements to basic elements and slowly ‘rebuilding’ them to the original dance form. This skill is part of her worldwide success and is combined with a vast knowledge of Armenian dance and culture.

Since 1985 she has regularly visited Armenia to study folklore at the Pedagogic Institute and Choreographic School in Yerevan. A part of each research trip was devoted to working with several amateur groups in Armenia and doing research on costumes. Two of those research trips were sponsored by the Dutch government. On several occasions Tineke visited the USA to observe the dances performed by the Armenian communities there.

Teaching venues outside of Europe have included the USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

Since 1989 Tineke has produced compact discs of dance programs on Nevofoon and her own Van Geel Records label.

In January 1986 she published a book in Dutch on Armenian history, culture, dance and costumes
(still available, € 10,-)

Tineke has also conducted very successful dance tours. More information on tineke Van Geel - Seminars