In 2015 a remarkable fact silently passed by: the respectable number of 26 tours to Armenia over a period of 10 years was a fact.
This includes cultural tours organized by my company Armenia Holiday (

In present time, with its turbulent political developments, I am happy to say that Armenia is still a safe country to travel to.

A lot of folk dancers have already experienced a visit to Armenia and were surprised to discover a country where we know so little about. Its ancient historical monuments, early conversion to Christianity, traditions, dances and beautiful nature make this country worth a visit. In 2016 one dance tour are scheduled that is open to international registration. Besides dance classes we will also explore the country with our own tour bus and guide. Welcome to the ‘Land of stones’.


dance tours in 2016

September 17 – September 29 2016


culture tours in 2016

May 26th – June 8th 2016

For information & detailed programs on the culture tours, please visit

Aghtamar peninsula