Van Geel Records - introduction

In 1991 Tineke van Geel established Van Geel Records, concentrating on the production of Armenian folk music. In that year its first album ‘Hayastan – Armenian dances’ appeared, performed by the Muradian Ensemble from Armenia.

Muradian ensemble
Muradian Ensemble from Armenia.
Tineke van Geel also took the opportunity to record folk music that was on the band’s concert repertoire. This resulted in a second production with both traditional folk melodies as well as arranged folk music on the CD ‘Muradian Ensemble vol. 1’.
Since 1991 a number of other titles have been released.
The history behind Van Geel Records
As a researcher and teacher of Armenian folk dances Tineke’s passion for Armenian folk music has always been an important component of her love for Armenian dance.
She felt motivated to support her dance classes with recordings of good quality. This need has grown into the establishment of her own record label, Van Geel Records.
It is quite unique that these recordings could be realized in the Netherlands with musicians from Armenia. It is also unique that most of the recorded tunes have never been released in Armenia.
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