Erika van Geenhuizen-Avedisian, daughter of a Dutch father and Armenian mother, made Armenian costumes for some members of our tour group in 2006. She trained as a fashion designer in both the Netherlands and Armenia, where she currently lives.

Because of the quality of her work and requests from tour participants, I have decided to provide those interested with the opportunity to order costumes. Thus Erika can make up the orders ahead of time and then do the necessary alterations when the tour is in Armenia.

The garments are broadly based on authentic Armenian costumes but bear the designer’s artistic stamp.

Please contact: for details.


Taraz of Siunik

The Region of Siunik has always been distinctive in its political, economic and cultural life. This held true for the taraz (Armenian national costume) of Siunik, as it had its own style in vivid black, apricot and green colours.

Typical of the costumes of this region were the overdress, which was divided into three parts: it had openings in the front and at the sides. The arms of the overdress had openings as well, so that the underdress could be seen. The edges of each opening were embroidered with gold thread.

Yerevan - detail of front Yerevan costume - detailed view

Taraz of Tbilisi

The national costume of Yerevan is actually strongly influenced by the fashion of Tblisi. Therefore it is called the taraz (Armenian national costume) of Tblisi. This interesting fact can be explained by the great migration that travelled from Yerevan and surrounding regions to the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, at the end of the 19th century. As Tbilisi was a modern city at that time, the dresses worn by the migrants from Yerevan underwent some changes and became more open and daring.
Typical elements were the two pieces applied to the belt that fell down the dress

Yerevan costume


Taraz of Vaspourakan

The Region of Vaspourakan and Van is distinctive for its fondness of embroidery and knitting. Socks, hats and aprons were knitted using seven colours of woollen threads. As for the costumes, the edges of each opening were embroidered with delicate ornamentations.

The favourite colours of this region were red, blue and white. This dress has always been special for its colours, diversity and expressive style.

close up arpon Vaspourakan & Van Vaspourakan & Van costume
Sebastia region Sebastia region Sebastia region - costume detail Sebastia region

Taraz of Sebastia

The taraz (Armenian national costume) of Sebastia is special for its colourful striped overdress, which was made in three pieces, parted in the front and slit at the sides. The edges were embroidered with gold thread with specific shapes.